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What is an edible photo?

Edible photos are icing sheets printed with edible inks using specialised equipment, which produces photo quality edible images. Personalised with your own image or artwork, an edible photo can make any celebration extra special. Made from real icing (not rice paper) the sheets are very thin and come on a backing sheet, which is peeled away before you place it on your cake.

The edible image is tasteless.

You can store the icing sheet in a cool dark place for 6 month before placing it onto your cake.

Anything providing it can be sent in digital format - Allowed file extensions to upload is: .jpg, .gif, .png.

Yes, the age of the photo is irrelevant, the edible reproduction will look exactly like the image you send.

Yes, you will receive a black & white edible image.

Very accurate. However, colour re-production cannot be guaranteed. Certain colour shades are very difficult to re-create with food dye edible ink. Icing sheets are not smooth like quality photo paper and therefore the image will not be as sharp and crisp - very small writing and tiny details are not always clear. We will advise before printing where these issues exist.

You can view our video on How you design and order your edible sheet here

No it is very easy, most times you just have to pull off the icing carefully from the plastic sheet and place it onto your creation however, in hot weather, or if it doesn't come off easily, place in oven on low temperature for a few minutes before pulling off.

Your image can be transferred onto celebration cakes, cupcakes, muffins, biscuits, chocolates.

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Click here to see full details of the sizes of our edible images. You can bake or buy a cake the same size of the photo to cover the entire cake or alternatively use the photo as a centrepiece. The choice is yours. Please note that if you not sure of the final size of your cake we advice to finish the cake and then order the appropriate edible image for your cake.

The edible image can be used with almost any icing as long as they have no surface moisture, which could cause the colours to bleed. Sugar paste/fondant are ideal. If a cake covering that has a high moisture content (fresh cream) is desired, all is not lost. Put the image on a layer of sugar paste before applying to your cake.

Yes, you can trim the photo with scissors, it's as simple as that. Do this while still on it's backing, it makes it easier. We recommend to leave a bit of the backing on so it will be easier to peel off

This is totally up to you, the edible image will last longer than the cake it covers, however keep out of direct sunlight as this may cause the colours to fade.

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